Association pour la Solidarité et l’Assistance Socio-Sanitaire (ASASS) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization created in Burundi. ASASS supports grassroots education, health, hygiene, rural development and sustainability initiatives in Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

ASASS brings together young academics, professionals, and volunteers coming from different Civil Societies of the African continent and Organisations both at the national and province level in Burundi. At ASASS, we do not discriminate; we treasure diversity and the contribution that each of us can bring to ensuring the well-being of people in Burundi and all over the world.

Through bringing communities and people what they need today, tomorrow and in the future, we save lives; helping to prepare and transform younger generations into valuable members of sustainable communities. Communities which advocate for improved policy, healthcare, education and the right to access what people and their families need.


The ASASS leadership is made up of three bodies:

General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly is the sovereign body of ASASS within laws, regulations and within the limits of the bylaws. It is composed of all members who have the right to vote and to be elected.

Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee is responsible for administrative and executive processes related to: planning, priority setting, program management, financial reporting, audits and evaluations, action plans, operations and other key organizational functions. The EC, along with the Board of Directors, ensure proper management and assist ASASS in making better decisions.

It is composed of:

Jean-Claude Kamwenubusa
Legal Representative and President

Madame Florence Ntakarutimana
Vice President

Guido Niyokwizigira
General Secretary

Gonzague Herezwa
Anesthetics nurse

Celestin Mpawenayo
Construction technician

Prosperine Ngendakumana

Arnaud Nshimirimana
Civil engineer

Telesphore Niyokindi
General treasurer

Annonciatte Niyingarukiye

Ewan Martim Quirk
Development Programs Manager

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a partnership board composed of health, education, environment, technology and business industry leaders, as well as representatives from government and leading NGOs. Its purpose is to guide ASASS in all matters, including decisions related to its mission, programmatic focus, growth and development towards becoming an independent, sustainable organization.

Even though it is advisory, the Board of Directors brings outside perspective and experience to ASASS, assisting with strategic decision-making, partnership negotiation, international relationships, development of strategies and fundraising.

The Board of Directors meets twice a month online, and it is composed of:

Jean Claude Kamwenubusa

Anne Bell
Director of Fundraising

Rohit Jha
Director of Digital Strategy
Ewan Martim Quirk
Programmes Development Manager
Smruti Swarup 

Firmin Manirakiza
Deputy Director

Robert A W Bailey
Lead Editor and Outreach Writer

Maria Lima

Web developer

Gemma Garcia-Villa

Architect Designer
Vanessa Depeyre
Human Rights
Dr. Dorothy E. Finnegan

Amy Masreliez
Strategies Advisory
Prince Frederick Von Saxe-Lauenberg
Income generation
Gary D. Moore
Water Supply and Water Resources