Purpose and Goals

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We envisage one family, living better and self-reliant on a just one world.


Saving lives brings what communities and peoples need today, tomorrow and forever, prepares and transforms the young generations who are not fortunate enough to become useful peoples for the nations.


ASASS will achieve its mission and vision through the use of Internet and Technologies to involve local volunteers to participate where needed.


ASASS stands for solidarity, brotherhood and justice in Burundi, Africa, and the world.

We believe that:

  • Every human being is valuable and essential for a just society.
  • Human Rights (HR) are sacred and must be respected, and every time they are violated, rejected, neglected, humanity as a whole pays the toll.
  • Only access to education, clean water, food, shelter, health and a fair distribution of resources and opportunities can create sustainable and equitable development.
  • Justice, equality, and dignity are birth rights of every human being.
  • All lives are important, thus only by joining forces and resources, humanity will thrive.

Long term commitment

We recognize that development is a long term process, so the average duration of our initiatives is 5 years. We support the healthcare system, education, agriculture, orphan cares and global development through a 5-year strategic plan that encourages Public Social Private Partnerships (PSPP) with government, private sector, civil society, and communities.

ASASS doesn’t work in isolation. It brings together young peoples, academic students, graduated professionals and volunteers from different countries in Africa and other continents.


We stand for:

  • Democracy: The will of the majority prevails, while minority right are protected;
  • Inclusion: We embrace diversity, grant people the right to be heard, and recognize their role in contributing to the well-being of Burundi and the world;
  • Universality: Our services are available to everyone.
  • Community self-determination: Community members come together to discuss their concerns, analyze options and reach their conclusions. They may seek advice from experts, and seek other sources of information to arrive at a reasonable and fair decision.
  • Community ownership: Communities prosper when they develop their own assets and take responsibility for the challenges they face. Success is more likely when the community works together internally to reach a solution.
  • Capacities and networks enhancement: Skills and knowledge are sources of strength in every community. A community developer structures informal networks and social support systems, and empowers talented individuals to work for the community. It is important not to duplicate existing structures and functions as that may weaken rather than strengthen the community.
  • Social justice and equity: ASASS believes social justice and equality are fundamental to community development.
  • Service Integration: Services provided to those in need are often fragmented, resulting in gaps, duplications and sometimes conflicting advice or treatments. ASASS avoids this, by promoting the coordination of services, family support, effective communication, and ensuring that the services are directed by the patient, to the extent possible.


ASASS’s goal and objectives are reflected in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which mark the roadmap towards “ONE FAMILY IN ONE WORLD” a just society where people can live life at its fullest:

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