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ASASS works in several locations by forming partnerships with local people and NGOs. We have management boards in the UK, Canada, USA and run projects in Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda:


In Burundi, we aim to promote sustainability and provide opportunities for the local residents in many different locations. From Health Care projects to education and hunger prevention, our place in Burundi is no more important than it is right now. Our Foods for Life and diabetes awareness programs have reached over 1 million local residents and our health care and community education projects help to give the people of Burundi hope and a chance for a brighter future.


The primary goal of the ASASS Tanzania program is to improve education, through strengthening capacities of teachers and nurses, and providing better teaching methods on nursery, primary, and secondary curriculum. It also provides education in water sciences, organic farming, environmental conservation, tree planting, public and sexual health, human rights, nutrition. This is done in collaboration with Hope for Destitute People’s Foundation (HDPF).

ASASS also supports the Amani Children’s Home, dedicated to providing healthy food, education, counseling and medical care for underprivileged children.


As a part of the programme Village Ventures International (VVI)ASASS promotes women entrepreneurship and income generation activities for vulnerable women in Kenya, within Women’s Academy project.

We provide training in sales, business, pharmacy and computer skills.


Zero Malnutrition is an organization dedicated to helping youth, women and vulnerable people improving their quality of life, through health care sensitization, agricultural support and sustainable livelihood program.

ASASS supports the Zero Malnutrition project by providing lessons on nutrition, agriculture, health and environmental education. Furthermore, ASASS assists with spring rejuvenation, water management, measures for income generation and promotion of self-reliance projects.

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