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Our Warmest thanks to Kualo for their heartfelt generosity and their precious help!

First and foremost, on behalf of ASASS Non-Profit team, we would like to express our deepest gratitude towards Kualo to give us free hosting for our new website.

Kualo, which stands for Knowledge, Uptime, Accountability, Love and Originality, was created more than 15 years ago with the aim to provide rock-solid uptime that customers can depend on for their bread and butter and based on strong environmental and social policies. We are very thankful for their exceptional support, security and uptime, all powered by 100% renewable energy.

Kualo has decided to dedicate some of their time and work to help non-profits organizations such as ASASS with 100% free web hosting for life. Their Charity Hosting Imitative has already helped hundreds of charities all around the world by assisting them with the creation of a new website or helping saving money on their existing web site. Their mission is to ensure that charities can get online without spending a penny more than they have.

Here some words from Jo, the founder and managing partner of Kualo on how the Charity Hosting Initiative has become real:

“We were becoming increasingly uncomfortable profiting off a growing charity, who were struggling with extra costs, which could go to much better use […].  I’ve always believed that business owners need to operate with morals and integrity, to be transparent, ethical and to make good judgements. If we really want to help the small charities, we had to think bigger. So, here’s what we came up with: We decided to give charities our most popular shared hosting package for free, for life.” (Jo, founder and managing partner)

And they do their job properly! Not only they give charities a free web site hosting but they also give their best deal : the charity will receive their most popular shared hosting plan, the Startup Plan, plus they will also have for free the LiteSpeed Cache which makes the website extremely fast.

The Startup plan is loaded with features, supporting multiple web sites which is perfect for charity fundraising landing pages – up to 100 email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, 25 databases and is also fully compatible with many commonly used web applications such as WordPress and Joomla. Moreover, the plan can support around 300,000 pages views per month which is suitable for most of the charity web sites.

And nobody is left behind, every charity can get a little extra support! If you’re a more established charity with a higher number of visitors to your site, they also provide heavy discounts on their range of advanced hosting solutions capable of supporting millions of visitors per month.

As they explain of their website, they are mainly interested in supporting charities that deal with poverty, education, youth, culture, health sector, environment and animals, international development and human rights.

We are pleased and honored to start this fruitful collaboration and ASASS Non-Profit could not be what it is today without such a valuable support. Thus, we want to offer our deep thanks to Kualo Team for their generous support.

March 2019,

By Floriane Zaccomer
UN Volunteer in Burundi,
at ASASAA Non-Profit

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