Farmer’s Credit Union Cooperative

The Credit Union Cooperative aims to ensure that Burundi’s farmers not only have food security, but are less vulnerable to the unexpected. It helps by creating a community fund, from which individuals can borrow money and pay back at a later date without high-interest rates. The scheme is already operable in Bujumbura, Nyabza Lake, and Gitega and now has over 300 members in 7 GPC’s located in 4 provinces.

How you can help

In order for the Credit Union Cooperatives to work and stay together, ASASS are looking for $ 190 USD to cover the training of forty chiefs to help run the 7 groups. These chiefs need to be taught skills in the management and microfinance in small groups, project management, development of plans, risk management, credit products development and monitoring and evaluation skills. A local bank and the Institute of microfinance in Burundi are able to offer these courses in the form of a one-day workshop.

We are also looking for anyone who would like to offer their own skills and help mentor farmers in the Cooperatives.