73.4% of Burundi’s population is undernourished and 46% of all children are deficient in Vitamin A and become blind every year, half of them dying within 12 months of losing their sight. These problems have been caused by a combination of poor education, lack of resources and lack of food security. Foods for Life aims to prevent this.

It aims to stop a growing number of Burundians from becoming diabetics and malnourished by providing them with education, treatment and supplying nourishment at ASASS health clinics, schools and in villages centres such as orphanages and churches.

We have partnered with a provider of food supplements (E’Pap), which will help to address malnourishment deficiencies. These supplements can be delivered to schools, health and community centres. In these centres, we can provide education on not only how to prevent diabetes and vitamin A deficiency, but also on how to cope with it.

In order to keep fighting the threats of malnourishment, ASASS needs your help and sponsorship.


Diabetic and malnourished served in the 1st 6 months


Peoples sensitised on diabetes and malnutrition in Burundi


Diabetic treated in ASASS district health clinics

How you can help

With your help, we hope to reduce the 116,500 recorded cases of diabetes in 2016 to much less by 2020. We will do this by developing the reach of our programs to help more communities in Burundi. We need help raising public awareness via media and social networks.

We need to continue to train health professionals to work as diabetes and health educators countrywide. We also need to contact and bring together more centres to get involved with the project.  We hope to have at least three nurses at all associated health institutions, trained as diabetes health educators.

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