SAFEWEPAS  – Scaling Up Agroforestry To Achieve Foods Security, Environment Protection, Women Empowerment And Poverty Alleviation Among Smallholder Farmers In Burundi.

SAFEWEPAS to alleviate problems with deforestation, land degradation, improper water management, hunger and poverty. The project also aims to help farmers develop finance co-ops, in which they can help to support each other when the unexpected happens. Already, these finance co-ops have helped to improve the lives of many families. 

With the right education and the right support, the people of Burundi can, and will, develop better and long-term methods for sustaining themselves.

Agronomists, Extension specialists, Soil Scientists, Plant breeders. These are the people who can talk the language of how to feed the world, the people who can help make a farmer’s choices easier through their knowledge and their advice.

How you can help

If you would like to invest in the project as a whole, we are looking to provide education and training for local farmers in Burundi. Funds will be directed towards organising classes and making sure that the farmers can attend.

Alternatively, you can select an individual farmer to invest in. Your investments can help to grant agricultural-business proposals, provide capital and invest in scholarships to produce local agronomists.

It doesn’t just stop there. We are also interested in anyone looking to invest their time, talent and experience to help mentor one or more of our farmers. For each farmer helped, they can help many more. If you are interested in helping in this way, please get in touch.