Despite the mountains of Burundi containing water, the people have no means to access it. For the country’s 10 million people, finding a way to maintain sustainable access to clean, useable drinking water is the difference between life and death. WASH aims to provide life.

In some of the most affected areas of Burundi, locals are forced to drink rain water, natural unprotected spring and river water, which increases risks to their health and sanitation. The problem is that this water is usually not clean. Although 79% of households have latrines, only 1.5 % of these meet international standards of sanitation. In these situations, waterborne diseases such as Cholera are able to thrive.

As many as 67% of girls who are forced to drop out of school do so because they must make the 6km journey to the nearest clean water source for their family. Two to three times per day, they carry containers with 20 to 30 litres on their heads back and forth from this source.

ASASS plans to install clean water points by the end of 2017. ASASS Engineers, led by the Director of the WASH programme Ir. Arnaud NSHIMIRIMANA, have conducted studies of the areas in most dire need of help. For one of these, Murengeza, a constructed water pump can supply enough water for over 8,000 inhabitants if it is well constructed. Yet in order for this to happen, we need your help.

How you can help

There are three communities we hope to help in the future. The first is that of Murengeza, where in order to build a suitable pump, we would need to raise $47,000. The second is that of the Zina Community health Centre, where we need help to raise $23,000. Finally, we hope to raise $23,000 to build a water pump in the Makamba public primary health facility and surrounding municipality, where it will be able to provide clean water to over 15,600 people.

Clean water is a fundamental human right and something which no one can live without. Anything you can spare to help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.