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Membership Regulations and Rules

The regulations below lay down rules that concern members according to the constitution of ASASS. The final text of these Membership Regulations shall be the Kirundi and French versions which will be used any dispute arise as to their interpretation.

ASASS shall be made up of all those persons of good character and reputation, without any discriminatory implication, who have agreed to promote and or foster the aims and objectives of the organization whether from within or without region(s) of operation in Burundi. Interested person will become a member by submitting application with a written letter to explain his/her interest into ASASS, and upon payment of member certificate fees and annual contribution fees.

Terms of Affiliation

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of ASASS. ASASS’s current terms and conditions require: The subscription to the articles of our association (rules of procedures)

  • A minimum age of 19 years
  • Membership certificate fees- a one-time membership fee $25 USD
  • Payment of a recurring contribution of 90 USD per annum, which, in subsequent years, may also be payable in quarterly or biannual instalments.

If you are 19 years old or more and accept to subscribe to, and comply with our articles of association which can be accessed in French version at, you will be admitted as a full member of ASASS upon reception of US$ 90 for your first year of membership fees which you can pay on one of ASASS’s bank accounts (in BIF or US$) using bank information or by following online information:

Categories of Members

Full membership – Burundian while residents shall pay equivalents to $90 (this category includes those who live in Burundi or will stay in Burundi at least for a period of one year. This can be proved by the production of a Burundian National Identity Card, or a valid work permit or residents’ identity card.

Full membership – Anyone while resident outside Burundi shall pay $200 USD. This category includes those who live outside in Burundi at least for a period of one year.

Corporate membership – an organized community group, institution or company shall become a corporate member upon payment of a minimum of $500.

Affiliated members shall be constituted by four (4) main categories of membership as indicated below:

A) Founding members

B) Associate members,

C) Honorary members,

D) Sympathizer members

Founding Membership

Are persons whose names appear on a list of members who have created (ASASS) organisation in Burundi . This list is authenticated by the notary of Bujumbura.

Associate Membership

Shall compose of any kind of institution(s) and/or firm(s); international organization, professional organization, particularly interested and/or sympathetic to the objectives of the organization and are specifically desirous in participating in any of the said objectives either singly or jointly with the organization and have shown interest in operating in Burundi. Application to the Organization shall be made in written format to the Board of the ASASS in the prescribed form issued thereof; and on approval and payment of the prescribed membership fees, any subscriptions required and all the particulars and documents that the Board may from time determine by rules made under the Constitution the applicant shall be admitted to membership of the organization by the authorized body of the ASASS that decides admission. Associate Members undertake to comply with these statutes of ASASS, terms and rules set by the Constitution of ASASI. Associate members pay an annual contribution fee which is fixed each year by the General Assembly. The active associate members vote in the General Assembly.

Honorary Membership

Shall be comprised of individuals, institutions or bodies corporate who by their own activities have shown themselves to be promoting the organization’s objectives and have so been acknowledged by the Executive Committee of this organization. This title can also be awarded to the person who makes or has rendered distinguished service to the Republic of Burundi, the Burundian public utility with honor and devotion, or by interest in the association thus manifest his commitment to his ideals. Members with a minimum of 25 years experience in the association may acquire this title. The honorary members are not linked to financial liabilities and don’t have a right to vote. They can engage in the sensible organization objectives.

Sympatiser Membership

Shall be open to any citizen, whether or not such a citizen is a resident in the organization’s area of operation but who undertakes to respect and or abide by the objectives of the organization.

Member’s Rights and Obligations

Members shall be entitled to the following rights:

  • Participate fully in the proceedings and activities of the organization, hence contributes to its well being.
  • Elect or be elected to an organ or committees of the organization.
  • To avail one’s self to the organization’s facilitation as may be prescribed at the meetings of the organization as shall be held from time to time
  • To meet any such agreed subscriptions as may be prescribed by relevant body of the organization as shall be held from time to time
  • To abide by the letter and spirit of this constitution that shall be the supreme ‘law’ of the organization.
  • Be registered in the register of members of this organization.
  • Use the resource center and the library for studies, research and general leisure/ entertainment activities.
  • Use the available resources to advance their knowledge in nature and natural ecosystems.
  • Shall be invited (by writing or other notification) to attend all general meeting and assemblies as called by the office.
  • Shall have rights to vote on any issue being voted for during general or special meetings.

Procedures for adhesion Interested candidates must email or upload through the website application form with the following documents:

  • Completed membership application form, signed by applicant
  • Letter addressed to President of ASASS (explaining interest to ASASS’s membership, how you wish to contribution to ASASS and how your experience will have the impacts to the local communities of Burundi).
  • High-resolution personal image in JPEG format
  • Your Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • Profile background,
  • Copy of national or international Identity
  • Attached copy of bill for payment of membership certificate and annual contribution

ASASS staff meets after 5 weeks to study the new request of membership.

Termination of Membership

Membership shall terminate when the Board has recorded in the Register that membership has been terminated after any one of the following events:

  • When the member herself or her Branch informs the Board in writing of her resignation and the Branch has recorded the resignation. No portion of any dues paid shall be refunded to the resigned member,
  • Failing to renew their membership once it expires,
  • By gross misbehaviour and failing to abide by the laid down rules and regulations,
  • The organization reserves the right to either admit or reject one’s application to become a member. The executive committee shall, upon discussion in an identified meeting, cancel the membership of an individual or a number of people, if their continued membership is deemed negative towards the general well being of the organization,
  • If in the opinion of the Board, after sending a letter of enquiry to the member, the member no longer meets the requirements for Full membership or for any other reason the Board may at any time remove a member’s name from the Register. The Board may review membership and the Board, in consultation with a Branch, shall decide whether the member still meets the criteria for membership, or whether membership shall be terminated,
  • If any member has not come to three successive meetings and has not apologised or given a good excuse, accepted by the Board, unless the Board condones the absence: In the case of the Operations Committee representative, the Board shall inform the Operations Committee, and ask it to appoint a substitute.
  • If a member is guilty of any serious, misconduct or deliberate negligence in the discharge of her duties in accordance with any provisions of this Constitution.
  • If a member has behaved in a manner that, in the discretion of the Board, has placed (ASASS)’s standing into disrepute,
  • In the event of death or association’s dissolution
  • Any member may be removed from ASASS for the above or for any other reasons by the decision of two-thirds (2/3) vote of Executive Committee and be confirmed by General Assembly.
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